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Raz Kids .com

Raz Kids is an online library of exciting reading materials. There are many titles at your child's current reading level and many more titles as their reading skills grow. It helps improve your child's reading skills as they listen to a book read for modeled fluency. Then, if the computer has a built in record funcrion, they can record themselves reading the same book. Or, students can read the book to themselves or aloud for practice. Use the student pass your child brought home to login. Here's how to acceess the web and online reading:

1. Go to www. from your internet browser and click LOG IN.

2. Type in the teacher's username "dhoerth" and click on GO.

3. Find your name on the chart and click on it.

4. Pick a book and enjoy!

If you have misplaced the student pass, let me know and I'll issue another one. 


We will be using IXL in our classroom this year.    It is a web based math program all alligned to the common core standards for math in North Dakota.  It is a program your child can access from home so you can watch your child's math development at home.   Your child's user name and password. came home on September 15. I hope you will encourage your child to use IXL often.

Spelling City

Spelling City is a fun way to practice our power words. I will add new words as we learn them. There are many games available to you and your k-kid.  I especially like Hang Mouse. later in the year I will add word family lists.  your child's password came home last week.


We are learning about all the letters of the alphabet. We are working on the sounds letters make. Help your child practice letter identification starting with the capital letters and moving on to the smalls. Ask your k-kid to teach you the signs we are learning for each letter.  Thanks for the interest and time you take in your child's education.

Take home and show off easy readers

Please find time to read to your child and for your child to read to you every night. Check for and save the easy readers I send home every week.  Make some type of  book box for your child to use. Keep it someplace where the books will be easy for you and your child to get at. There will usually be six of them each week or each reading theme. Pull them out and read one or two every night. Practice makes perfect!  The k-kids are so excited about reading, I hope you are feeling that enthusiasm at home too! Happy reading!

Sounding Out Words

Please find time to practice reading skills with your child . Check the reading letter that comes home every Monday for ideas. Thanks for the help.