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Elementary Counselor Lessons

Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons 2016-2017

Refer to the school board reports for classroom lesson topics and information.

Meeting your Counselor - First Fall Classroom Visit

K-6 - Objective - The students will be able to explain their job in school and identify what it looks like to be ready to learn. Students prepared themselves to be ready to learn.  Eyes on the teacher, feet still, sitting up straight and focused listening.  The students will also explain the role of a school counselor.  Students viewed a  Power Point and shared things they have in common with me.  Some of the classes Listened to the book, "Mrs. Joyce Gives the Best High-Fives", students wrote down what they learned about the role of a school counselor, they drew a picture of what a school counselor does and they shared their thoughts to the school counselor.  Students were given Superhero lollipops at the end of class and encouraged to visit with their parents about our time together.  The power point will be available for your review soon.


Meet the school counselor power point.


If you have any questions, etc. please contact me at 247-2992 or 247-2955 or e-mail me at  It is an honor and privilege to be part of your student's lives.