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Management By Objectives 2018-2019

Management By Objectives Plan 2018-2019 (Continuous Ongoing Duties and Expectations)

Continuous Ongoing Duties and Expectations:

*Maintain confidentiality according to ASCA Code of Ethics

*Join professional organizations

*Counsel students as needed in an individual and/or group setting

*Provide classroom lessons for high school and elementary

*Assist in the writing of Individual Educational Plans.  Serve as a referral source to other agencies.  Help identify students with special needs.

*Establish lines of communication between post-secondary institutions, apprenticeship programs, social service agencies, human service agencies, and other appropriate groups.

*Once a month provide a written report to the school board.  The report will also be posted on this website to increase transparency of the program and  availability to administration, staff, students, parents and other interested entities.  

*Update School Counseling Blog/Scholarships/Student Opportunities weekly, preferably Monday mornings.

*Attend all pertinent meetings.

*Provide information about in-state and out-of-state educational programs with emphasis on reciprocity procedures.

*Evaluate school counseling materials, order materials and complete updated inventories.

Duties Otherwise Assigned and/or Involved With:

*Assistant High School Principal - IEP Meeting Designate, Specific Stars reports - CTE; Graduation, Assessment, Individual Advisement Report

*Assessment Coordinator

*504 Coordinator

*School Improvement Committee Member

*Curriculum Committee

*School Wide Title I Committee - Elementary

*Response to Intervention Elementary as deemed necessary

*Response to Intervention Leader at the High School - Meetings held weekly on Wednesday over lunch time, in the high school library.

*Academic Challenge Coach - Jr. High and Sr. High

*Raider Time Advisor at the high school

*Homeless Liaison

*Foster Care Liaison

*NCAA Designee

*Title IX Designee