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Eight Components of College and Career Readiness

Components of College and Career= Choice Readiness

The following chart shows key data elements for each of the Eight Components:

1.  College Aspirations - Attendance, Discipline, Promotion, GPA

2.  Academic Planning for College and Career Readiness - Students reading on grade level starting in grade 3, proficiency in state tests for English, Math and Science, Students enrolled in and completing Algebra I, Students enrolled in completing courses required for in-state university admission.

3.  Enrichment and Extracurricular Engagement - Participation in enrichments acitivites, academic support, summer programs, participation in  extracurricular activities e.g., organizations, teams, camps, clubs and scouts.  Students in leadership positions in enrichment and/or exttracurricular programs.

4.  College and Career Exploration and Selection Processes - Participation in college and career exploration programs, college and career/technical school application completion, college and career/technical school application submission.

5.  College and Career Assessments - Participation in career/interest assessments, participation in taking the PSAT, ACT, ASVAB, NWEA, NDSA

6.  College Affordability Planning - Participation in early awareness financial literacy and financial aid initiatives, participation in financial aid planning processes, scholarship application completion, FAFSA completion.

7.  College and Career Admission Processes - Two and Four year college acceptance, Career and technical school acceptance, Early action or early decision acceptance (four-year institutions).

8.  Transition from High School Graduation to College Enrollment - Final transcripts processes, Two and Four year college enrollment, Career and Technical School Enrollment.