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Can You Tell Your Story in 6 Seconds? 

The time is getting shorter to make an impression with your résumé. In the past, we've told you that research said employers spend about 10 seconds looking at a résumé the first time. New research indicates that they spend only 6 seconds looking at your résumé. That means you have only 6 seconds to make a good impression. Can you tell your story in 6 seconds?

Job recruitment website The Ladders conducted a formal survey of job recruiters using eye-tracking technology to figure out what matters most on your résumé. They found that, on average, recruiters spent 6 seconds deciding whether to trash your résumé or consider you for the position.

Recruiters spend nearly 80% of their time focusing on 6 different areas of a résumé:


Your name
Your current title/company
Your previous title/company
Your current position start and end dates
Your previous position start and end dates
Your education

In a competitive economy, where many people are competing for the same jobs, you need to use every advantage to win the position you want. When you're writing your résumé, make sure you focus on the 6 key areas that recruiters spend their time reviewing.

Adapted from Yahoo! Finance