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Dual Credit Classes - Financial Aid Opportunity

Dual Credit Classes - Financial Aid Opportunity

North Dakota College Access Network (NDCAN), administered by Bank of North Dakota (BND), is accepting applications from eligible students for financial assistance to pay for Dual Credit courses.


Please promote this new program to eligible students! The attached document provides information and the official application. Information and application are also available on our  website Funding is limited. Applications will be considered by date submitted to BND. Approved students may receive assistance for one (1) course per semester.


To be eligible, student must:

1) Be a current junior or senior attending a North Dakota high school

2) Receive approval from school district superintendent or designee to take a Dual Credit course

3) Qualify for Free or Reduced Price Lunch


Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and North Dakota University System (NDUS) worked with NDCAN to update the existing Dual Credit Enrollment Application to include information about the financial assistance program. All students enrolling in dual credit courses must fill out this application. This combined application is a great collaborative effort that simplifies and stream lines the process for eligible students. Please share this information with the school district superintendent or designee who signs the application.


Please note that the instructions for the Dual Credit Enrollment Applicationtell students they must submit a copy of their completed application to BND to be considered for financial assistance. An application is considered complete when all fields in Parts I, II, and III have been completed. See the application for important details.


The college application fee is the responsibility of the student. Please contact me if you have an extreme situation in which paying the application fee will prevent a student from taking a Dual Credit course.


Thank you for assisting students in this process. We are excited to kick off this program with the upcoming Spring semester. Let me know if you have questions.


Sincerely, Laura



Laura Entzel

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Bank of North Dakota

1200 Memorial Highway

Bismarck ND 58504

(701) 328-5653 or (800) 554-2717