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ACT and PSAT Prep Opportunities

Test Prep for the ACT and other Exams

ACT released "ACT Academy" a free personalized online learning tool and test practice program.  It provides learners with a personalized study plan based on previous test scores or platform diagnostics and features video lessons, interactive practice questions, full-length practice tests, educational games and other materials targeted to a students' academic needs.  For more information, visit:


I just wanted to share that a link has been added to the North Dakota School Counselor website under "resources" and "school counselor documents" for students to be able to take practice ACT SAT and PSAT exams. Click on the link to bring up an electronic format of the exam



Test prep is available free. Create a portfolio on this site and click TestGear for test prep.

Contact Faye Brosy Nelson if you have questions.


This may be helpful to your juniors for the upcoming ACT.


The following is another test prep site.  You may also access it from the North Dakota School Counseling Association's website under resources.