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Study Skills

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#1.  The number one study skill to implement is managing study time.  When we manage our time we can complete tasks that are important to us and allow time for fun and other responsibilities.  Use a monthly planner, a weekly planner and a daily planner.  Review each planner accordingly, i.e., the daily planner is reviewed daily, weekly planner weekly and the monthly planner at least monthly.


#2.  Develop, review study habits. 


#3.  Discuss the importance of your study place.


#4.  Set Goals - write them down.


#5.  Evaluate - How are things working for you?  How are your grades?  Are you meeting your goals?


Mrs. Nelson has more materials and ideas available for you.







Study Skills

These suggestions were written for teachers, as students and parents you may want to ask teachers about the following information to assist students in their pursuit of academic success.

            Announcement of upcoming events.

  • Items parents should have at home for class projects.
  • Explanation of your classroom rules.
  • Explanation of your grading policies.
  • Various kinds of reminders.
  • Samples of students' writing and artwork.
  • Description of community resources that can supplement what you are teaching such as a museum exhibit.