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ND College Admissions Requirement

Norht Dakota University Admission Standards

University Admission Standards

*Not all LHS graduates have the eligibility requirements to attend a research university and/or a regional university, all are eligible to attend a North Dakota 2 year community college.  Please see the admission requirements specific to the colleges you are planning to attend. 


Students who plan to attend a four-year institution in the University System must successfully complete a core curriculum of high school courses.

Students who have not taken the required high school courses can become eligible for transfer to the state's four-year institutions when they satisfactorily complete 24 credits at a two-year college.

Required courses for university enrollment include:
  • 4 units of English (including written and oral communication skills);


  • 3 units of mathematics (algebra I and above)


  • 3 units of laboratory science (including at least 2 in biology, chemistry, physics or physical science)


  • 3 units of social studies (excluding consumer education, cooperative marketing, orientation to social science and marriage/family)

It's recommended that future university students take one high school mathematics course each year, including advanced algebra, and take at least two foreign language courses, which may include American Sign Language or Native American languages.


The ACT score is also part of the admission process.