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Children's Special Health Services Directory

Mental Health Resources Updated Feb. 2017

Additional Resources

Lake Region Human Service Center 24/7 Crisis Line - 701-662-5050

Devils Lake

Blooming Prairie Assessment & Therapy Center - 211 4th St. NE Suite 4 - 701-662-TALK (8255) or 1-866-304-0414

Volk Human Services - Dr. Greg Volk - 501 3rd St. NE Suite 1 - 701-662-1911 or 1-877-846-4554

Lake Region Human Service Center - 200 Hwy 2 SW - 701-665-2200

Grand Forks

Family Institute - 2100 S. Columbia Rd. #202 - 701-772-1588

Laidlaw Psychological Services - Dr. Robert Laidlaw - 3374 31st St. S. Suite B - 701-780-9700

Dakota Therapy Center - Dr. Angela Cheney - 600 DeMers Ave. Suite 301 - 701-746-9341

Lipp, Carlson, Lommen, and Witucki - 2808 17th Ave. S. - 701-746-8376

I'm attaching a link for you, which offers various resources here in North Dakota.  I am a part of the Protection and Advocacy Group in Bismarck, which assigns advocates to individuals with various disabilities.  They are a fantastic referral and resource.


Lifewise Christian Counseling  Darrin Cox, LICSW - Mental Health Counselor

103 College Dr. N., Ste. 1, Devils Lake, ND 58301  701-662-1046


Assessment and Therapy Associate of Grand Forks  701-780-6821


Northern Lights Behavioral Health Center - 3rd Floor Montomery Hall, Room 308, 290 Centennial Drive Stop 7132, Grand Forks, ND 58202 Phone 701-777-3745  Associated with the UND Master's and Ph.D. students.


Red River Behavior Health Systems - formerly the Stadter Center is taking 24 hour referrals.  701-772-2500

Meridian Behavioral Health is pleased to announce it has acquired an acute psychiatric hospital located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, one of only three such hospitals in the state. The hospital has been renamed Red River Behavioral Health System (RRBHS) and its management team brings decades of experience in providing a full spectrum of psychiatric care to adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. Meridian sees RRBHS as an opportunity to address the strong, underserved need for high-quality, patient-centric psychiatric care serving Grand Forks and surrounding rural communities in both North Dakota and northern Minnesota.


Alcohol and Drug Risk Assessments/Evaluation - Heartview Foundation, 7448 68th Ave. NE Cando, ND 58324  -

1-701-222-0386   or 1-800-337-3160 


The latest in resources...

Behavior Health Resources:

Parent Information Center (PIC)  1100 - 13th Ave. S (Lewis & Clark School)  Grand Forks, ND 58201  701-787-4216  Resource Library for families, parent classes, workshops on children/adolescents

Childcare Resource/Referral Center 1424 Central Ave. NE, East Grand Forks, MN 56721 (701) 772-7905  List of licensed daycare providers, daycares for special needs children

The ARC Upper Valley, Inc.  2500 Demers Ave., Grand Forks, ND 58201  (701)772-6191  Family support services with children with mental retardation/disabilities/developmental disabilities/special needs, parent connections/support groups, Family Forums Education Series.

Northeast Human Service Center 151 S. 4th St., Suite 401  Grand Forks, ND 58201  (701) 795-3000  Child welfare programs, evaluation/clinical services, infant development services, Foster Grandparents services/ Counseling/ other child/adolescent services.

Kids Grief Group - Altru Hospice 1200 S Columbia Road Grand Forks, ND 58206  (701)780-5258  Support group for children/adolescents who have suffered losses, family involvement, offer twice per year/ meeting once a week for a six week period, no charge.

Grand Forks County Social Service Center 151 S. 4th St.  Grand Forks, ND 58201  (701)787-8500  Child abuse/protection, child support/assistance, Family home care/respite care, unwed parent program, crippled children services, foster home coordination.







Additional Counseling Resources

Bob Laidlaw, PhD

3374 S 31st St.

Grand Forks, ND 58201



Lipp, Carlson, Lommen & Witucki, Ltd.

2808 17th Ave. S.

Grand Forks, ND 58201



Blooming Prairie Center - Devils Lake Counseling


We had a great 6 weeks of girls group.  Some have asked to continue, and I know there are more girls that would be appropriate to join group.  We will take a break from group next week, and start again on April 17.  That will give us 6 more weeks if we go through the last week of school.


Have a wonderful day!


Sara Kenney, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Owner / Clinical Director

Blooming Prairie Assessment
& Therapy Center, P.C.

701-662-8255 (phone)

701-662-1739 (fax)

The Village Family Service Center

 The Village Family Service Center in Devils Lake, ND.


The Village Family Service Center

224 4th St NW, Suite 5

Devils Lake, ND58301


Phone (701) 662-6776

Fax (701) 662-6889



Family Group Decision Making


It’s a nice program for families to use because they are in charge. A facilitator visits with the family, then gathers together friends and support people to help a family come up with their own plan about how to deal with a situation. There are many different uses for FGDM. Sometimes a single parent is overwhelmed with parenting and needs some help. Or a child may be struggling in school and needs the family and/or mentors to come up with a plan to help them… The thing that many people find useful about this program is that they make the plans and assign someone to check progress. It’s not an agency like social services or DJS mandating what they have to do. The service is free to the family.



Intensive In-Home Family Therapy


IIH focuses on families with children who need help to keep the kids in the home. Maybe there are issues with deprivation or behavior problems that need to be addressed. A therapist talks to the family to find a time that will work, then goes to the family home and works with the entire family on issues that are causing stress. IIH seeks to keep families together and to empower them to develop new behaviors to make the family successful.

Advantages are that there is no travel for families and appointments can be scheduled at times that work for the family like evenings or weekends. The service is free to the family.



Individual Counseling


Here a child or adult come to us for in-office counseling during business hours. We can accept many Employee Assistance Plans and some types of insurance or set up a sliding fee scale so the client can pay what they can afford.

Counseling Services

Resource website


if you have not heard of this it seems like a really good thing it helps students with a lot of different problems. 

Mr. Reese provided this resource.

Altru's Hospice and Pastoral Services are offering "Coping with the Holidays"

For all whom have experienced a loss by death, please note that the presentations and written materials provided will consider all losses by death from miscarriage on.  In addition to the event in Grand Forks, similar events will be held in our region.


If you have questions please call 701-780-5300

Mental Health America of North Dakota



Prescription Connection

Prescription Connection is a North Dakota InsuranceDepartment program that connects kids and families with free and discounted prescription drugs.  For more information or to sign up for the program call 1-888-575-6611 or visit


New Community College North Dakota Website

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Institute

100 4th Street South, Suite 204

Fargo, ND 58103

FAX:  701-234-4130

1-800-437-4010  ext. 4111

Dial 2-1-1 Connecting People to Services in North Dakota

Dial 211, there's always an answer and the call is free.  This is a one-stop shop to provide information, referral and crisis management services.  Calls are answered 24/7 and include the following topics:

Advocacy, Aging/ Elderly Concerns/ Rural family/ Farm and Ranch Stress/ Grief and Loss/ Food Pantries and Financial Assistance/ Mental Health Issues/ Domestic Violence/ Abuse/Disaster Response (flood, drought, tornado, etc.)/Hear-O-Program/ Resource Center/ Library/ Gambling Addiction Issues/ Parenting/ Suicide Intervention Issues/ Parenting/ Suicide Intervention/ Support Groups/ Victims of Crime/ Youth - at - risk/ Military and family member support/ Medicare/ Medicaid Issues/ Health Insurance/ Covering Kids/ Substance abuse issues/ and much more.

Visit the resource center at


Experience Health ND

Please contact Sheryl, CRC, Experience Health ND 701-260-465  for information pertaining to this program.

New North Dakota Career Planning Site

This is a new excellent site, it is North Dakota's career information site, test preparation and decision-making site.  It is provided to all North Dakota middle and high school students free of charge through the Student Loans of North Dakota with training and support provided by the North Dakota Career Resource Network.  This web-based planning tool allows students to develop 4-year plans, complete career assessments, search for postsecondary institutions, find scholarships, prepare for the ACT and much more.  Students create online portfolios that can be accessed anywhere at any time, to store their work and save information throughout their school career.  The secure and confidential system also allows educators to review the students' portfolios and collect statistical data.

Excellent Site

Going to College - Check this out!

What To Do About Cyberbullying

*Never respond to harassing or rude comments

*Save or print the evidence

*Talk to your parents or guardian if you are harassed and get help reporting this to your local law enforement agency

*Respect others online

*Only share your password with your parent or guardian

*Change your passwords often

*Password protect your cell phone

*Use privacy settings to block unwanted messages

*Think before posting or sending photos-they could be used to hurt you

*Contact the site administrator if someone creates a social network page in your name


Study Skill Ideas

GED Information

In response to the question about GED, I can answer those questions for you.  At Adult Learning Centers around ND, there are preparation classes to help students who have dropped out of high school to earn the GED.  Each center has other additional services as well.  If you go to this website  you will find contact information for all of the ND ALCs. 


If there are any additional questions anyone may have, please feel free to contact me and I will assist in any way I can.


Sandy Wollan


Bismarck Adult Learning Center

Technology Safety and Security Among Children

What Caretakers Need to Know


Rimrock Foundation - Leading Quality Addiction Treatment in the Northern Rockies

For further information on Rimrock Foundation's treatment options call Jen Proter, Admissions Supervisor at 1-800-227-3953 or 1-406-248-3175 or visit their website at www.rimrockorg.  For more educational information contact the Rimrock Foundation Library at the above numbers.

Parent and Teacher Resources

Here are some helpful links for parents and teachers.  The last link has a wealth of information.  First click behaviors at school or at home-then click view all behaviors-then select a behavior-then click each of the 4 steps at the top left side of the page and you will see the needs that drive the behavior, effects of the behavior, actions to take, and mistakes that we make that continue the behavior.

Summer Opportunities

There are a great variety of summer learning opportunities available to educators and students!  We have compiled a list and it is available on the Career Resource Network website.


Check out the new CRN website.

Managing Test Anxiety - Ideas for students and educators

Eating Disorders

"Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters" -  Book

Pauline Hoefpner, a FACS teacher, at Beulah HIgh School.  Her daughter went through this and now speaks to students.  May be an excellent resource.

"Anorexia Diaries" - Book


Prescription Connection

Prescription Connection is a North Dakota Insurance Department program that connects kids and families with free and discounted prescription drugs.  For more information or to sign up for the program, call 1-888-575-6611 or visit

Helping Students Who Are Going to College - Disability Advocacy

This is one of the most comprehensive sites I have seen to help prepare students who are going on to college.

There are several modules:

"My Place" which helps students identify their learning style, learn about their strengths, interests, disability, goal setting, and self advocacy.

"Campus Life" - learn about faculty expectations, accommodations, grades, technology, and resources.

"Planning for College" - choosing a college, deciding on a major, applying for college, financial aid, test taking and a 'to-do' list.

Each module contains subtopics with information, activities and online resources. Within most subtopics, one will find videos where students who have disabilities talk about their experiences in college.

In addition to the modules, "Going to College" includes a portfolio section that provides students with instructions on how to organize a personal portfolio of information. The portfolio serves as a personal reference tool
while visiting colleges and talking with college personnel, such as the individual in charge of accommodations, admissions counselors or career counselors.

There is also a section for parents and school personnel. This was developed by Virginia Commonwealth University.

Check it out, have your students check it out and pass it on to others.


North Dakota State Parent Information Resource Center

An excellent resource in North Dakota is the North Dakota State Parent Information Resource Center, this resource has valuable information for parents, teachers and anyone that is interested in the well-being of our youth.  This resource is available at The NDPIRC also has an excellent online newsletter .  You may subscribe to the newsletter at the aforementioned web address.