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Valley City State University

Valley City State University would like to know about their Fisheries and Wildlife Program.  The program has grown significantly since its start in 2008 with concentrations in fisheries, wildlife, and conservation law.  In 2015, 93% of their graduating seniors acquired jobs in the field.  Please explore the Fisheries and Wildlife Science program at Valley City State University.

New Admissions Standards for North Dakota Colleges

The State Board of Higher Education recently approved a new admissions index (effective Fall 2016) and increased the number of core courses required for admission into its four-year (Fall 2016) and research universities (Fall 2017).

The new requirements are as follows:

·       Effective Fall 2016, the standards for Dickinson, Mayville and Valley City will be a minimum GPA of 2.0 and ACT of 18.

·       Minot State will change to a GPA of 2.75 and ACT of 21.

·       UND and NDSU will both increase standards to a minimum GPA of 2.75 and ACT of 22.

·       All four-year universities will require students to complete 13 core courses in high school from 2016 forward. 

·       For NDSU and UND, requirements rise to 14 core courses in 2017 and 15 core courses by Fall 2018.

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