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ND Scholars Program

North Dakota Scholars Program

The North Dakota Scholars Program, administered by the North Dakota University System, recognizes high school seniors graduating with outstanding scholastic achievement.  To be eligible for an in-state tuition scholarship, students must graduate from a North Dakota high school.  Also, students must take, or have taken, the ACT test on one of the test dates indicated in the enclosed materials.  ACT test scores will be sent automatically to the North Dakota University System unless the student notifies ACT by June.

Awards will be based on the achievement of individuals as measured by their:

1)  ACT composite score ranking the student in the 95th percentile or higher of all North Dakota high school juniors taking the test; and

2)  ACT composite score sums

The Scholars will be announced in the fall  and will receive a letter from the North Dakota University System designating them as North Dakota Scholars.  Scholars who enroll in a North Dakota college or university will be awarded an in-state tuition scholarship for the  academic year.  The number of scholarships is limited to funds appropriated by the Legislature.  Also, Scholars who maintain a 3.5 cumulative college GPA are eligible for a renewal of the scholarship for up to 4 years.

NOTE:  June  will be the LAST opportunity for Graduating Seniors to take the ACT test for Scholars Program consideration.

The North Dakota Scholars program represents a commitment to education excellence as an essential component in both the preparation of our youth for the future and for the assurance of continued vitality of the State's economy.  NDUS is proud to recognize top scholars.  Questions may be directed to 701-328-4114 or e-mail at

Nathan S. Stratton

Director of Financial Aid