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About Technology

The elementary school students use technology in lots of different ways. Not only do we have iPads in every classroom so that we can use apps for learning and practicing new skills and concepts, we also have computers in every classroom for us to use throughout the day. We have a technology class every week with Ms. Sattler who works with us on grade-appropriate skills. The Kindergarten students get an introduction to computer technology, including learning the correct terms for the hardware, discovering how to access the internet and websites and using our online typing program to begin building typing skills. The second and third grade students continue to work on the typing program to improve their skills. They begin using Microsoft Word for their writing and also learn how to create Powerpoint presentations. Students will use reading and math game websites if they have the chance. In fourth grade, students add Microsoft Publisher to their technology skills and begin to utilize email for communication. They access ODIN, which is a state library site, to find resources to enhance projects or for their own learning. Fifth graders add the use of the website Learn360 from Prairie Public Broadcasting to learn how to research relevant videos for school projects as well as how to embed those videos for a presentation. By sixth grade, all of the previous technology skills have been enhanced, reviewed and practiced and students add Microsoft Excel to their list of technological tools they can use to meet the demands for 21st century career and education skills.                                                                                                                                        

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