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School Events

Today: 11/26/15
Joe V. Harder
Superintendent/High School Principal/Athletic Director

Alyson Parsley
Elementary Principal/Activities Director

School Board
Margaret Estvold
Mark Huso
Kevin Matejcek
Paul Miller
Jeff Anderson

Welcome to Lakota Public School

"Our mission is to enable all students to achieve their individual potential in academic excellence and social responsibility"


Lakota Public School Vision

The staff of Lakota Public Schools, in shared governance with students, parents, and community members, believe that all students can and will learn.

We are committed to providing a safe, orderly and equitable environment to support student learning.  As reflective educators, we practice data-driven instruction of standards-based curriculum.  Lakota graduates students who have successfully mastered the following school-wide learner outcomes:

  • Students will acquire a standards-based core of knowledge.
  • Students will demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills in areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Students will be technologically capable and resourceful.
  • Students will become responsible and contributing citizens of a pluralistic society.

This vision statement is intended to serve as both the blueprint for improvement and the benchmark by which will evaluate progress.

School News

Wednesday 11/25/2015 Daily Announcements
Hot lunch today is ham, baked potatoes, salad bar, fruit, milk.

Happy birthday tomorrow to Karlie Zacha.

Tuesday Trivia Answer: John F. Kennedy

Wednesday Trivia Question: Complete the following equation and balance it.  KOH + BaCl2 &... Continue

It's About Learning!!!!!

Welcome back everyone, we are so excited to have students in our classrooms and hallways once again.  It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of the learning environment at Lakota Public School.  Think about things that you have learned which have been life changing.  As children one of the first life changing learning events occurs when we learn to walk independently.  Think about how much walking influenced our lives.  We didn't master the task right away, we failed often and got up again and again and eventually with lots of practice we learned to walk.   The other such activity involves learning to speak and communicate, think about how life changing these accomplishments are.  Again we were not born speaking, we had to learn how to speak.  Learning leads to positive life changes.  Learning happens in many different ways and environments.  I am so excited to be part of our learning environment here at Lakota Public School.  I believe in "learning" and the positive life changing results learning provides. 



I welcome your involvement and questions concerning our school and how we are here to provide our student's with positive life changing learning!  Learning for ALL students!!!!!  Faye Brosy Nelson - School Counselor

Review of Individual Education High School Plans

Lakota Public School students and their parents have available opportunity for the review of individual high school plans and planning sessions.  Upon the request of a student/parent the school will make arrangements to provide a consultative review.  Please contact Faye Brosy Nelson for more information.

Counselor Blog

Check out the Lakota School Counselor Blog,

Have a fantastic day!  Faye Brosy Nelson - Lakota School Counselor